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Wetra is a registered brand name of Demos Endustriyel Ltd. Company. In the terms of aircraft warning lights and warning spheres, Wetra is the market leader in domestic market, Turkey. Also Wetra aircraft warning lights and warning spheres are mostly exported to Middle East, South America (Latin America), North Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe.

What is aircraft warning light? How does aircraft warning light work?

Aircraft warning lights ( aviation obstruction lights), are lighting devices that are installed to high structures and are used as collision avoidance measures.

Aircraft warning lights are designed and manufactured to warn aircrafts ( airplanes ), helicopters ( choppers ) for high altitude locations and structures. It is designed to be installed on tall towers, on the top of the high buildings, monopole masts, flag poles and all warning related applications.


Aircraft warning light operates by the control of microprocessor and photocell. Microprocessor automatically turns the aircraft warning light on when photocell detects dark.


Microprocessor turns the aircraft warning light off when the photocell detects light.

Aviation obstruction light (AOL) is manufactured by the help of the latest technology LEDs which have long life-span ( 100.000 hours) and low energy consumption.


Wetra led aviation obstruction light has 5 years factory warranty. Wetra led aviation obstruction lights operate at 50 Hz, and the operating temperature range is -40 ° C / +55 ° C. The visibility distance of flashing aviation obstruction light is up to 10 km in the dark weather condition.




Applications of Aviation Obstruction Lights

Aviation obstruction lights make structures more visible to passing aircrafts. Aircraft warning lights ( aviation obstruction lights) are commonly used in telecommunication / gsm base station towers /mobile phone masts, tv / radio signal towers, flag poles, tall / high buildings and skyscrapers, chimneys of industrial facilities, wind turbines, cranes, big dimension machinieries, highways, bridges, electricity transmission lines, mountains/ hills / summits, airports. 

Operating Voltage Options

Wetra aviation obstruction lights voltage options are:
DC 12/24/48 voltages
AC 120/230 voltages

Fault Alarm System


Fault alarm system enables the user to control the operation of aviation obstruction light even from far away whenever failure occurs in the aircraft warning light.



In order to have successful fault alarm system, aircraft warning light is installed by connecting failure outputs (COM: common – NO: normally open, NC: normally close) to outdoor siren or lighted warning device. In case of any failure, the aircraft warning light system sends alarm to fault alarm system which is inside the control box. By the help of fault alarm system, any problem can be immediately detected and solved.



Operating Modes

Flashing Mode:
The flashing frequency of aircraft warning light can be customized due to the requirements. For example it can flash 60 times in a minute.

Steady Mode:
Opposite of flashing mode, Steady mode aircraft warning lights burn continously. 


Installation Cables

4x1,5 NYY and LIYCY cable types are recommended for aircraft warning lights that have alarm function feature. 2x1,5 NYY and LIYCY cable types are recommended for aircraft warning light that does not have alarm function feature. Tower lenght and distance between power supply and control center should be taken into consideration while calculating the cable length needed in the project.


Certificates and Standards

Wetra led aircraft warning lights are in compliance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Annex 14 and FAA AC/150 international standards. Also Wetra led aircraft warning lights have CE certificate and LVD test reports.
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